Plan now and save big next winter! You can pre-purchase propane for the upcoming winter TODAY at lower rates! Call for the current Pre-Buy price. For budgeting purposes you may also choose to make monthly installments. (Minimum purchase 300 gallons for delivery, Aug. 1 – March 31). Call us at 256.776.2846 to get started today!
Budget Billing
Pay As You Go with Budget Billing!
With Budget Billing, your propane bill is spread throughout the year in to equal, monthly payments. The program runs April 1 thru March 31. To determine your monthly bill, we estimate your annual usage
MasterCard VISA
MasterCard VISA
and divide that by 12 months. Note: the current price for propane is used to calculate your monthly payment for the coming year. Any credit or debit balance on your account is rolled in to next year’s payments. Additional benefits you can enjoy are: Routed Delivery without the worry of running out of gas and our convenient Automatic Payment option. Call our offices at 256.574.3029 or click here to sign up online!
This free payment option eliminates you having to write checks and mail payments. We deduct your monthly payment automatically on a regular due date from a bank, debit, or credit card account. You will be automatically enrolled in our Guaranteed Comfort plan for FREE! To sign up just call us at 256.776.2846.
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